The Fear Paralysis Reflex emerges when the foetus is around 5-7 weeks and usually integrates before the baby is born, between 9-32 weeks. The reflex develops to protect the baby from "potential danger" whilst in the uterus and involves withdrawal under threat. This reflex is thought to be the first stress response as it causes the fetus to 'freeze' in times of possible danger to the mother.
If this reflex does not integrate it can cause challenges with emotions, chronic phobias, confidence with their needs being met and struggles in social situations. When retained the body is stuck in a permanent state of being on guard and in fear. The fear paralysis reflex is often subconscious blocking the ability for children to interact with their outside world. If your child shows signs of this reflex still being present it is important to do these exercises before starting Replenish Foundations.

Signs of retention

Anxiety/panic attacks/insecurity
Struggles to self regulate
Intense emotional reactions
Hypersensitivity to touch, sound, light, taste, smell, vestibular
Excessive shyness
Social phobias
Over/under attachment to adults and peers
Breath holding
Sleep disturbance
Negative/Defeatist attitude
Temper Tantrums
Freeze response under stress
Aggressive behaviour
Elective Mutism
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Poor gut health, intolerance of gluten & dairy


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