The Brain Bloom Room. Working with you to restore the blueprint of brain design.

Helping the brain to bloom

At the Brain Bloom Room we support individuals and families who are facing learning and behavioural challenges.  Walking alongside people experiencing Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD, Sensory Processing issues and Autism Spectrum Disorders is our specialty and what we love to do.  It is our hope that the holistic approach we use at the Brain Bloom Room will benefit everyone looking to unravel challenges.

How we help at the Brain Bloom Room

Research now strongly links brain-based learning disorders such as Asperger’s, Hemispheric imbalances, Hyperactive and Speech Disorders, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, ASD, SPD and immune problems to the retention of primitive reflexes, sequential ‘in-built’ foundational baby movements. This means the child's brain organisation and nervous system does not progress and develop as it should and is not wired up as it is programmed to be. As a result, core foundational skills necessary to learn and behave in the classroom are not very well

The good news is that the brain is plastic, and it learns through experience and interactions with the environment. With the correct stimulation and repeated sensory experience, the brain can change and adapt. The Brain Bloom Room REWIRE programme does exactly this starting with primitive reflex integration, sequentially re-laying the foundations for brain development. This is the first step to encourage the growth of new brain networks, re-organising and rewiring the brain for learning & experiencing life.  Next, we move on to integrate the hemispheres through sensory and sensory-motor experience.

Our practice is informed by the work of Dr. Robert Melillo

  Dr. Melillo is a neurologist, brain researcher & the founder of Brain Balance (USA) and The Melillo Method™.   Brain Bloom Room Founder Michelle Lowe came across Dr. Melillo and his work as she searched for answers in this space and is very grateful to have his work informing the practice of The Brain Bloom Room here in New Zealand.  Meet Michelle and learn more about her journey and that of the Brain Bloom Room below.

How we work with you

At the Brain Bloom Room we spend time getting to know our clients to learn exactly what their unique needs are.  We know that while every person has their own challenges, they also have their own unique optimal brain blueprint that we can journey towards together.

We put personal programmes in place for our clients to address issues, beginning from the very foundations of brain development. This supports the development of new lifelong neural networks to link to all areas of the brain resolving attention and learning difficulties. 


“ My husband and I are both primary school teachers and have an understanding of kids, but we knew our boy was struggling with tasks that his younger sisters found easy.  We were at a loss in how to help him as our strategies didn’t seem to make much difference for him. The direction you have provided has been invaluable and we appreciate your kind, caring approach and your understanding of how kids tick, and what kind of intervention will make a difference. Thanks again for all your support and expertise.”


Whāngaia, ka tupu, ka puawai

That which is nurtured, blossom then grow


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