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Reihana Kingi

Reihana combines his study in Psychology & Neuro-development with his own inspiring healing journey to create a unique foundation to his practice as Neuro Coach. 

Coming from a large vibrant whanau (one of nine children), family events, sports, educational & church activities were highlights of Reihana's childhood.  Reihana however, suffered seizures as a baby & a seizure at age 11. This lead to anxiety & depression that he & his whanau struggled to make sense of.

Many years later Reihana completed a Bachelor of Health Science,  majoring in Psychology at Massey University.  Through this study Reihana discovered that his anti-epileptic medication had side effects, causing anxiety and depression, so his history of mental health challenges started to make sense. 

Reihana's brain trauma was exacerbated further while living in Australia in 2008,  where he suffered a workplace accident.  He incurred frontal & temporal lobe brain damage, a broken femur, three ribs and spine compression leading to a long rehabilitative journey.

Reihana and his amazing wife have 5 beautiful children who fill their home with love and learning.  Originally it was his son who they sought help for at the Brain Bloom Room, but it was not long before Reihana could see that the programme would be helpful for him too, finally providing answers to his 14 year rehabilitative journey since his accident at work. With his passion for neuro-development growing every day, and the realisation that the programme he & his own whanau were doing would benefit so many people he knows, Reihana decided to train in the Mellilo Method & has since become a Neuro Coach with us.

Reihana is so happy to have found a place and system at the Brain Bloom Room that has enabled him to use the traumatic events in his life to help others along their path of healing and wellness.   Reihana looks forward to working alongside you and/or your whanau and seeing your joy, peace and self-confidence grow (as his did) through the restorative programmes at the Brain Bloom Room.


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