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Hello & Welcome

I’d love to share with you why I felt the need to ‘evolve’ the Brain Bloom Room and journey with children and their families struggling with challenges of learning and behaviour. As a primary and secondary trained and registered teacher,  I have  a strong background in education and an in-depth understanding of child development.  During my teaching career I became increasingly concerned with the rising numbers of students presenting with behavioural and academic learning difficulties.  More importantly, I was alarmed at the number of children on medications, in some cases as young as three.  My classroom teaching experience allowed me to explore the positive effects that movement concepts and motor skill development have on learning and cognition. 

With an interest in neurology and neuroplasticity, I wanted to find a different, holistic approach that would really get to the bottom of what was going on for these children and why traditional educational interventions were not effective at helping with their struggles.

During my research journey, I came across neurologist and brain researcher Dr. Robert Melillo, the founder of Brain Balance (USA) and The Melillo Method™.  I have since successfully completed all the educational training modules in The Melillo Method™ and The Interdisciplinary Association of Functional Neurosciences and Rehabilitation (I.A.F.N.R) have awarded me Certification in The Melillo Method™.

Dr Melillo has empowered me to think differently, challenging the question ‘why me’ and changing it around to ‘why me, why are these issues happening to me and what am I supposed to do with this information?’  Difficulties in life can be the greatest gift you have as they challenge you. You can either give in to them or learn from them because the most difficult parts of your life are also the most interesting. This is where making an impact begins, people want to know how you overcame your challenges and how you can help them with theirs. 

I am most grateful for what I have learned from Dr. Melillo and how this knowledge has contributed to the programmes we use at the Brain Bloom Room.

Thank you for stopping by.  My team & I love getting to know our clients of all ages and we're truly dedicated to helping people with struggles move forward with ease and confidence.  As an informed and researching educator, my mission is to empower every client at the Brain Bloom Room to be successful and happy.

We look forward to meeting you soon.


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