REWIRE in SCHOOL is a proven Neuro-developmental programme developed for Schools to use within their learning environment.  We invite you to join us on this journey of learning empowerment.

The foundations of REWIRE in School

The focus of the REWIRE in SCHOOL programme, developed by the Brain Bloom Room is addressing Primitive Reflexes which may be remaining in many learners.  If these primitive reflexes are not addressed their presence will impact a student in many aspects of life including their ability to develop and learn.  They are part of the 'survival brain' and if they remain and are still "active'', we can see challenges with advanced skills such as emotion control, logic, reasoning and learning. By way of background newborn babies enter the world with involuntary survival motor responses (movements) called primitive reflexes, which usually integrate (lay dormant) being replaced by more mature voluntary reflexes by the age of 12 months.

Who has Primitive Reflexes & does this apply to your learners?

They are part of each and every one of us.  Newborn babies enter the world with involuntary survival motor responses which are called primitive reflexes.  They usually integrate being replaced by more mature voluntary reflexes by the age of 12 months.  However Primitive reflexes integrate through repeated stimulation and use so that they sequentially integrate (become dormant) at the correct time, one after the other. The infant then gradually advances from one milestone to the next.  Any interruption to this sequence can cause the primitive reflexes to become retained (active) meaning the infant often misses, or advances through the milestones too quickly. This jump in development confuses the brain and the nervous system may then not progress and develop as it should.  Things such as difficult pregnancies, family stress, trauma and even not enough time to move around and experience the world can all contribute to Primitive Reflexes being retained.

A progressive plan for in School use

The REWIRE in SCHOOL Programme,  provides an innovative & progressive plan that addresses the communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Our programme mimics movements that may have been missed or done incorrectly in a child's early development, giving the brain a second chance to re-wire itself.  Miscommunication between the two hemispheres makes it difficult to process information effectively.  This programme is informed by the work of Dr. Robert Melillo a neurologist, brain researcher & the founder of Brain Balance (USA) and The Melillo Methodâ„¢.   Brain Bloom Room Founder Michelle Lowe came across Dr. Melillo and his work as she searched for answers in this space and is very grateful to have his work informing the practice of The Brain Bloom Room here in New Zealand. 

We train REWIRE in SCHOOL Facilitators & provide resources

Once you have a staff member Certified as a REWIRE in SCHOOL Facilitator they will be equipped with the knowledge, skills & resources to oversee the facilitation of the programme within your school.  This means your teaching team will have access to this knowledge to apply within your learning environment providing benefit to your School as a whole.  Happy  and engaged learners lead to class environments where deep learning takes place.  This will help Teachers to feel encouraged and inspired in their mission and help the whole School to thrive.   Your Staff member will complete their Certification journey through our Brain Bloom Room Academy with Michelle Lowe the developer of the programme.


Michelle from Brain Bloom Room approached our school at the start of the 2022 school year.  After some discussion and research into primitive reflexes, we agreed to become the host school for a trial project of the programme.  Michelle worked with 5 students over two terms. We collected baseline academic, and developmental data, and collated feedback from parents and teachers throughout the process. Progress for these 5 students was significant.   Based on great results, positive feedback from parents and the classroom teacher, I  proposed (to our Board of Trustees)  a pilot project in our junior class for the 2023 school year. Our junior class teacher is currently working with Michelle to establish a whole-class programme.  Michelle is a very knowledgeable, kind-hearted person to work with. Her passion for seeing young people thrive is inspiring. 

Jaco Labuschagne, Principal, Waipa Christian School

We'd love you to join us on this journey of change for Kiwi learners.

Jump onboard and be part of an innovative group of Schools experiencing the benefits  of the REWIRE in SCHOOL programme.  Please complete the form below to find out more about training one of your team members as a REWIRE in SCHOOL Certified Facilitator through the Brain Bloom Room Academy.

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