Why we start with Primitive Reflexes

Retained survival tools that can cause challenges

Primitive Reflexes help the baby with survival in the early months of life when its nervous system is not fully connected.  Sometimes these reflexes remain present and don't integrate as they should.  They often become retained because of an interruption at some stage of the infant's development.  This could be due to trauma at birth, caesarean or breech presentation and premature birth.

Our lifestyle is different

Modern culture has, over the past few decades, invented a whole variety of gadgets to keep our babies off the floor;  front packs, backpacks, jolly jumpers, walkers, car seats that we use to carry our babies around in which give our babies less floor time decreasing the opportunity to integrate (use and fuse) their primitive reflexes.

Primitive Reflexes can re-emerge

Primitive reflexes may also re-emerge later in life as a result of a central nervous system dysfunction due to trauma or stress.  Re-emerging primitive reflexes may also be linked to chronic pain and other chronic illnesses.  By recreating simple infant movements, primitive reflex exercises give the brain a second chance to integrate the retained primitive reflex and put it to rest.

Primitive Reflexes

Here is information to grow your knowledge on the retained Primitive Reflexes commonly associated with behaviour and learning struggles.


Since commencing my Brain Bloom Room sessions I have noticed amazing improvements in my sleep patterns, better quality sleep and my night terrors are almost gone, no more blood curdling screams. My concentration is so much better and I can focus when playing music. The improvement in my short-term memory has been remarkable, I now remember people's names and I can list 100 words in the correct order. I am so much more relaxed because my anxiety has reduced so much, I am less likely to jump when there is a sudden noise.


Whāngaia, ka tupu, ka puawai

That which is nurtured, blossom then grow


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